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Municipality of West Grey


Return to Play | Return to Operation


Purpose | To provide user group, Durham Minor Ball who utilize West Grey’s facilities as their home base with a template and instructions to prepare and submit their respective ‘Return to Play | Return to Operation’ Plan. 




As part of our 'Re-Opening Plan', our community organization who utilize our facilities as their home base are required to provide West Grey a 'Return to Play or Operation Plan' (Plan).  


This template has been developed as a resource & guide for the details Durham Minor Ball will be adhering to during the Return to Play Operation Plan. Our respective Provincial or National organizations have provided us with Guideline documents that will be used for our Operational Plan.


Other resources that our organization follows include but is not limited to:

        Grey Bruce Public Health | Provides many ‘Guideline’ documents on their website under the Additional Resources tab

        Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)

        Ontario Recreation Facilities Association |

        Parks and Recreation Ontario |



Return to Play | Return to Operation Plan


Organization Name

Durham Minor Ball

Contact Name

Chad Brown


[email protected]



Date Submitted

June 18, 2021

Date Approved


Approved by








  1. Physical Distancing | Our outline Durham Minor Ball is going to be implemented to ensure physical distancing during our program, meetings or events.



        Crowds will be reduced to 50% capacity to ensure physical distancing.                    

        1 spectator per player will be admitted for games.                                           

        Training for players 10 years and younger will be encouraged to have only 1 spectator per player. 

        Training for players 11 years and older will be encouraged to not have spectators.

        Players will be expected to arrive at the facility with equipment already on. 



Our organization's Plan is as follows


o   During 10 participants max, no more than 8 players per group at each station with no more than 2 group leaders.

o   As group numbers increase, adhere to requirements (ie: 50 max on fields)

o   Parents/participants directed to park in designated area, in a spatial manner.

o   Players will participate only in their own groups.

o   Screening for each group (players, spectators) to be completed by one of the leaders for contact tracing and adherence to COVID symptom requirements.

o   Spectators to be limited to current restriction regulations for outdoor numbers, directed to physical distance and adhere to mask requirements if unable to safely distance.

o   Spectators directed to remain physically distanced during play.

o   Players and parents directed to leave the facility immediately following the even.



  1. Cleaning & Sanitization | Our outline Durham Minor Ball is going to be implemented to ensure physical distancing during our program, meetings or events.



        There will be no shared equipment amongst or teams.                                

        Team personnel will sanitize equipment after each training date.                       

        Team specific equipment (ie. jersey) will be carried by team personnel, washed in between each use.



Our organization's Plan is as follows


o   Provide hand sanitizer and wipes to ensure any equipment needing to be shared (bats) are properly disinfected, and players use hand sanitizer before and after handling shared balls. 

o   Players to bring their own equipment whereby possible – exception catching equipment and bats that must be sanitized between use, players to bring their own helmets.

o   Washrooms clearly marked with distancing marked.

o   Group leaders to spray play area (benches, fences) where players were present during event afterward.




  1. Public Health Directives | Outline or detail the directives your organization is going to implement to ensure Public Health directives during your program, meetings or events.



        Participants will be directed to sanitize their hands upon arrival. 

        Participants provide their own hand sanitizer & wipes.                                                             

        Hand sanitizer will be provided by our organization at the entrances. 



Our organization's Plan is as follows


o   Hand sanitizer will be provided as well as disinfectant spray to use for equipment, benches.  Players requested to bring their own as well.

o   No shared food or drinks – players bring their own beverages and food.

o   No sunflower seeds/gum permitted.

o   Equipment and benches to be sprayed following use.

o   Use of masks/buffs in accordance with OASA insurance Return to Play protocols and Grey Bruce Public Health Unit regulations.

o   Durham diamonds to be booked in advance with Minor Ball to avoid double booking.

o   Players provide their own equipment where possible, any shared equipment to be disinfected before transfer to another player.

o   Players will supply their own helmets.

o   Play to commence after June 14th as per Step 1 reopening regulations.

o   8 players max per group/facility, 2 leaders to max of 10 participants until Step 2, thereafter adhere to required max. numbers.

o   For game play, ensure leaders and umpires plus players meet required max numbers on the field. Once permitted

o   For game play, ensure players adhere to any mask/buff requirements during play. Once permitted




  1. PPE |  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is going to be utilized by our organization for the operation and it will be utilized.



        Masks will be required for use by our members, coaches or players when physical distancing can’t be maintained.



Our organization’s Plan for PPE is as follows


o   Masks/buffs to be used as per OASA insurance Return to play guidelines and/or those of GB Public health

o   Disposable 3 ply masks to be provided for use.

o   Hand sanitizer and Spray 9 or other disinfectant to be supplied and available for use



  1. Resources Included | Guideline documents provided by our respective Provincial or National organizations.



        OASA Ontario Amateur Softball Association Return to Play

        Baseball Ontario Return to Play

        PWSA Ontario Return to Play



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